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Worcester, UK, 19 April 2021: Cyber Security Valley UK is pleased to announce a new partnership with Terranova Defense Solutions and the Cyber Security Global Alliance as they expand their presence and work globally and into the UK cyber security marketplace.

Terranova Defense Solutions is the lead company for a group of highly skilled North American cyber defense companies, based in Canada and the United States, that have come together to provide a variety of services from cyber security, unmanned and autonomous solutions, and manufacturing for land, maritime, aerospace and space industries, offering unified solutions for corporations, organizations, government, and the military.

Their group of companies include cyber security, cyber defense, cyber software manufacturing of commercial and military-grade quantum resilient bi-symmetric encryption software, purple team pen-testing, software/hardware manufacturing and customization, and managed data and digital security services.

Terranova Defense Solutions members, staff and C-suite team are all subject-matter experts, various entrepreneurs with small-to-large enterprises that have come together to provide better services through Terranova Defense Solutions and the TCU Alliance (, a group of highly skilled Canadian cybersecurity and defense companies working together providing cyber services in NATO countries globally.

Speaking of the partnership, Chris Windley, CEO & Founder of the Cyber Security Valley UK said: “I fully agree with and support Lisa on what she has said. This is a critical time in world history to establish good connections with other cyber security specialists in friendly countries. Cyber Security Valley and the Northern and Southern Cyber Corridors of the UK are fertile ground for TDS and the CSGA. Our military and civilian connections are crucial in terms of UK Operations”.

James Castle, President & Director, Cyber Defense Systems, Terranova Defense Solutions, said: “Terranova Defense Solutions is an established industry leader that has long-lasting business relationships and strategic partnerships in the commercial, government and military sectors. It is one of our primary goals to improve domestic and international ties through global connections and in establishing strong ties through diversity. Terranova Defense Solutions is proud to be a partner of UK Cyber Security Association, Cyber Security Valley UK, and the Cyber Security Global Alliance (Canada), together we are paving a secure future of cyber-attack prevention, new cyber legislation, regulatory compliance and in data protection.

Terranova Defense NFP (Not-For-Profit) corporate division runs as the not-for-profit arm for Terranova Defense Solutions Incorporated. Terranova Defense NFP operates as the Cyber Security Global Alliance (Canada) This is a Canadian membership-based organization and think tank, that will work with the other organizations herein as full partners aimed at doing great things together, globally.

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About the Cyber Security Valley UK (CSVUK)

Cyber Security Valley is A Cyber Security Ecosystem for the UK and has the ultimate directory of all thing’s cybersecurity in the South West, Midlands, and Wales (M5, M50 and M4 corridor). CSVUK is creating a strong cyber security ecosystem. We provide information on all thing’s cyber security related including:

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About: Terranova Defense Solutions

Terranova Defense Solutions and the TCU Alliance teams-based approach provides a combined technology solution to identify electronic risks with digital threat detection, data privacy and protection for most commercial, government and military services.

Terranova Defense Solutions was declared as one of Canada’s Top 75 Defence companies in 2020, works with other organizations as a service to help build or improve their products and services bringing validity and proper business tools to develop or better enhance most cybersecurity in-depth solutions. Our engineers and scientists are subject matter experts combining over 200+ years of combined business and scientific experience in a variety of key industries that work hard in building a successful future for all companies involved.

About: Cyber Security Global Alliance

Cyber Security Global Alliance is working with other domestic and international organizations, companies, and service providers in developing peer groups, think tanks, oversight committees and cyber compliance teams aimed at providing many key services in the cybersecurity industry globally,

Chris Windley, CEO & Founder of the Cyber Security Valley UK and James Castle, President & Director, Cyber Defense Systems, are available for interviews or commentaries upon request.