In a world where work is more technology-focussed, trust is more important than ever. The people in your organisation are working with a large amount of sensitive data and you need to trust that they will act with honesty and integrity and not abuse their position of power.

95% of IT leaders acknowledge that insider threats are a concern for their organization.

The majority of data breaches are a consequence of human error, but over 90% of the time, they weren’t willing to admit their mistake. 

Creating a safe space where people feel confident about admitting their mistakes is one of the biggest steps you can take to prevent it or at least to act faster and more efficiently. 

It will also help you increase your employee’s satisfaction and in turn their willingness to champion, support, and remain at your organisation. 

32% of employees would consider taking company information to a new job.

Looking at this statistic, it is easy to understand how important employee satisfaction is for your company. 

Poor management, pay, and feeling undervalued are the most common reasons for job dissatisfaction.

The majority of people feel that happiness is more important than money, so they value things such as the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop over reward and recognition. These numbers are even higher among younger people. 

Good leadership skills are essential to improve your team’s sense of fulfilment. The leader’s job is not only making sure that their team does their job, but ensuring that they are feeling comfortable and appreciated whilst doing it. 

Spending time and money in training, personal development, and team building activities for your team should be seen as a necessary investment, not a luxury one off event, and it is something that you should continue to do in order to advance your people and in turn, your organisation.

About Ollie Phillips

Ollie Phillips has a long and successful career in rugby, extreme adventures, and corporate teams. Throughout all his experiences Ollie learned how important teamwork and leadership skills are. He created Optimist Performance to impart that same knowledge and help other businesses and teams exceed their potential. You can learn more about Ollie Phillips and his Success Psyche at