Cyber Security Valley UK is pleased to announce a new partnership with INTRUSION, Inc., the company behind INTRUSION Shield, as they expand their presence globally and into the UK cyber security marketplace.

As the world becomes more digital and connected, organisations need to ensure that their networks are safe from cyber-attacks, even zero-day attacks. INTRUSION has a rich history successfully protecting the US federal government and large commercial businesses, and the UK Cyber Security Association is delighted to partner with INTRUSION to help them with the next stage of their growth and development to bring INTRUSION  Shield to market in the UK.

INTRUSION SHIELD is uniquely one of the most effective cybersecurity protection products available, leverage decades of experience and the world’s largest, most robust and threat-enriched Big Data Cloud to offer your organization the best possible defence against over 3.4 billion dangerous IP addresses. It uses real-time, AI packet analysis to kill even the most sophisticated cyberattacks.

INTRUSION has applied extensive cyber forensics expertise when creating their revolutionary cybersecurity solution, Shield. While Shield is their newest commercial cybersecurity solution, the core of Shield is Savant – which has been used by their US government customers for many years and TraceCop which contains the world’s most complete threat intelligence cloud for known good and bad IP addresses. The Shield AI has been built to identify and stop Zero-Day attacks and ransomware the most prolific and crippling form of malware.

For more information about this partnership and INTRUSION, Inc. email [email protected].