PPE Defends

Safety. Innovation. Freedom.

As featured on BBC and Sky Radio.

Applying British technology, science & innovation to the fight against Covid-19:

Enhanced protection with unique comfort, PPE grade, Graphene layered face masks certified by SGS*.

99.99% effective against viruses in 60 seconds, Environmentally friendly, No Alcohol, No Bleach, Hypochlorous disinfectant sanitisers.

Rapid (15 minute) Covid-19 self test kits. UK Government approved.

Stop Infection at the door – Facial recognition, Temperature checking, and Tracking technology.

Supporting efficiency, productivity and safety for UK business, education and all organisations. Ultimately bringing peace of mind for staff, students and clients alike.

FREEDOM1 FACE MASK AMENITY PACK (3 masks plus 100ml Sanitiser spray)


Disinfectant Sanitisers

Hypochlorous Disinfectant Spray 100ml (Pack of 12)

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