You are probably going to have to be 50 or so to remember this but a booklet was issued in the late 70’s and early 80’s by the Thatcher ( Conservative ) government telling British people how to Protect against and Survive a Nuclear War.

We were still in the Cold War ( 1945 – 1987 ) and I was in the Royal Navy as a Weapons Engineer Office. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare were things we were trained in and taught how to survive. Even today ” I cannot confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons aboard H.M. Ships “. ( The standard response to a question about this ).

In 1984 the film ” Threads ” was released about a Nuclear attack on an airbase near Sheffield.

Now you can say that the Government guidance in Protect and Survive was completely useless but it is also a fact that people do survive nuclear strikes. Even without taking any of these precautions people survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Whether you survive depends on a lot of things. Some of it luck.

Lisa Ventura and I both viewed Protect and Survive from different viewpoints – me in the Navy and her from school. At the age of 15 Lisa’s class was shown “Threads” (something that would never happen today) and thus began a lifelong interest for her in all things to do with nuclear war and “Protect and Survive” – once the shock of “Threads” had sunk in!

We all can debate the Government guidance given for Nuclear War.

We can also (and we certainly do) debate the guidance given for Cyber War. (I suppose that Cyber Essentials is the closest thing to the “Protect and Survive” Guidance).

We can also debate the guidance given for Biological War. (Hands, Face, Space and the HSE standards)?

It is incumbent upon us as individuals and as professionals to read, understand, think about and debate that guidance.

The British Policing Minister recently said ” It is our PUBLIC DUTY to prevent another #Lockdown “. I agree.

In our upcoming Webinar we will do that from the perspective of an imminent return to work and the need for the best #Covidsafe and #Cybersafe policies.

There is nothing particularly wrong with (Wash) Hands, Face (Masks) and Space (Isolation) but we don’t want more Lockdowns, we want to be able to work and travel safely and that needs more than “Hands, Face and Space” which Larry Cole refers to as Primary Protocols.

There is also good advice in the HSE Covidsecure standards, but we want to promote improvements to this which again Larry calls Secondary Protocols. We also want solutions in place that are not just for covid but for all viruses and bad bacteria forever.

Included in Secondary Protocols are things like

#ZeroTouch or #Contactless

and perhaps also “team cleaning” and other technology too.

Protect and Survive, Cyber Essentials and Primary and Secondary Protocols are about reducing and minimising the RISKS to acceptable levels.

If we reduce the RISKS then this will be welcomed not only by people wanting to get back to work but by insurance companies, lawyers and HR professionals.

Covid lockdowns are costing the world billions and trillions that can be saved by the correct policies.

Let’s get the advice right and invest in long term solutions – register for our webinar on 31 March 2021 at 3pm GMT to find out more.