Finding the perfect prospects for a company or organisation is never easy. Data purchased is typically generalised and unqualified

You have to clearly understand who the target market e.g. company is and the target person within that target company. Then you have to craft a message that really resonates with that target and then deliver it from whoever you select within your organisation to that target. There are a number of options for delivery of course eg email, paper mail, phone, Linkedin etc.

You have to understand clearly what your process ( sales funnel ) is for taking a contact from an initial prospect to a paying customer.

Let’s say Identify a target, message that target, assuming a response – respond to that target with a next step eg. more information or a presentation which would include your proposition in terms of what you are offering and it’s price and then if they agree they become a client. It may take multiple approaches ( experience says sometimes up to 7 pieces of information ) and when you have an initial purchase you may have additional products and services to sell that client.


Over the last year we have been working on a project with an organisation that required us to find ” ideal paying partners ” for new regional centres.

Over time we perfected this process by working with senior data analysis specialists at Creditsafe. ( We also may add further data from eg ” Best Performing Companies in the Area ” lists ).

We are still evolving and refining it but we have reached a point of it being very targeted and effective.

We select the right contacts in substantial companies that have always been financially sound and who have also performed well during the Pandemic.

This is because the companies need to sponsor the organisation and pay membership fees and we felt it disrespectful to approach and take the time of companies that were struggling financially.

Once identified we communicated with them by email and phone and then presented to them.

As a result we have perfected a process and we can offer some aspects of it, along with bespoked data, to suitable partners.