In the Cyber Security Valley UK website we are building a few pages that are dedicated to what are known as Primary and Secondary Protocols ( Thanks to Larry Cole of CuGrip for that description ).

This is because we got thinking about how to get companies and people back to working in the office safely. In particular we were thinking about the Technology/Business/Cyber Parks that exist in the Midlands, South Wales and the South West or, as we call it, Cyber Security Valley.

We don’t particularly want to see a return to commutes to Birmingham or London but we do see that people working from home want and need a break from that …a break in the so called ” 3rd Office “. This might be a hotel, pub, cafe, restaurant etc but for more private meetings is likely to be a building or office on a Cyber Park.

Here you will meet your colleagues and other people who are also working in that space.

Now THE key is that these places and spaces are SAFE. Safe from a catching Covid ( or any other virus or disease or germ ) but also safe from a Cyber Security perspective.

Creating a safe Cyber Security solution is something I have been working on the last few years in the GCHQ/NCSC Cyber Accelerator and with IASME in Malvern. More on that soon and we will include it in these pages we are building. The plan is to be Cyber safe to a standard of around 95%.

Being safe from a health perspective obviously requires implementation of the Primary protocols like Hands, Face, Space but also the Secondary protocols which could include a number of things but essentially we see the basis of this as the ” Copper Office ” ( see header picture ).

This will be as I call it ” CopperTouch “. Then along with that we will use Zero Touch/Contactless technology, and Air Filtration and perhaps UV Cleaning technology and perhaps other elements.

We will aim for high 90’s safety – say 99 point something percent safe.

With those safety levels for health and for cyber security we believe that people will want to work in offices again – sometimes.

It is likely that they will always work from home some days and also likely that they will travel to the main HQ sometimes.

We believe that the long commute is a thing of the past.

This is why we have developed and assembled full solutions for our Cyber Parks and for the businesses on those parks and for anyone else in Cyber Security Valley that is interested.